Days After Ascension

As the world grapples with a global pandemic, adapting measures to cope and restore order, and people all over the world are faced with the new reality of social distancing and self isolation, it is only natural that the individual will develop coping mechanisms to bring a sense of familiarity to the Strangeness of the situation.


(a continuation of the series “Days Before Ascension”).

In the first series “Days Before Ascension”, a change in the external  reality finds the subject going within to face the chaos that holds order, as a way of coping with the new reality.

“DAYS AFTER ASCENSION” the follow up series, explores what becomes of the subject after going through the inevitable transformation that comes with change.

Having  endured the pains of a purposeful metamorphosis, the final form reveals itself as the subject evolves into a higher version of his/her self , embodying a higher and thorough truth.


Art direction- Ruby Okoro
Photography- Ruby Okoro

Muse – Chika Adeagbo from Pages model

Makeup artist – Gwen Dilara

Light setup and photography assist – Pamela Leesi Peter

Model Talent Manager: Chris Bill Ebodiwe

Studio – lightseekastudio

Film – Chukwuka Nwobi

Sound – Tolu Rufai