YOUTH: Friendship and Growth

True Friendship is ageless, however, there is no doubt that youth breeds a special type of bond.

“YOUTH: Friends and Growth” is a visual project which explores the journey of life with friends, the memorable experiences we create, and how these experiences shape us and ultimately help us grow.



Days After Ascension

(a continuation of the series “Days Before Ascension”).

In the first series “Days Before Ascension”, a change in the external  reality finds the subject going within to face the chaos that holds order, as a way of coping with the new reality.


A Ride Away From Home

Knowing the goal of the day wasn’t to photograph Nokia but seeing his bond with Paradise had me seizing the opportunity of documenting his ride through the day and back home



Days Before Ascension

Days Before Ascension explores the journey of self isolation, and the internal changes that occurs in an individual as a response to the transformation of his/her external reality.


All We Need

A project intended to shed light on the toxic nature of what our relationships have become as different “sets” of people held together by the same borders. We feed off each others shortcomings in a bid to feel like superior.

Nataal cover story


Morning After Dark